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Devils Haircut Visuals - equipment

Our Analogue Equipment
We use this for 'wet-shows' or liquid-projections.

Devils Haircut Visuals - Overhead Projector 3M Overhead Projector
A simple, yet decent projector.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Waterbak - Splattertray Our Homemade Splatter-tray
A glass plate set into a wooden box.
It is kept in place with silicones.
The wood is processed with yacht lacquer.
We can slide sheets underneath the tray.
And some more...

Our Digital Equipment
We've got some stuff to take along.
Most of it is described here.
Devils Haircut Visuals - equipment
NEC Beamer
A simple, yet decent beamer.
2000 ANSI Lumens.
Fact-sheet at projectorcentral.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Beamer
Edirol V4 Videomixer
A 4 Channel hardware videomixer.
It can display 2 of these 4 channels simultaneously
and has some basic effects (invert, colorize, mirror,
strobe, luma-key, chroma-key).
Video about it on youtube.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Videomixer
Preview Screen
Very basic preview screen.
An essential part of our equipment.
Tech specs.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Previewscreen
DM2 Mixman
This plastic beauty allows us to scratch
our clips and loops.
Originally designed for music making,
but for us a cheap midi-board.
How to use it in this way?
The dm2 file we use.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Mixman
Nintendo Entertainment System (8-bit)
Good for pre-show relaxation
as well as for nostalgia credits.
Devils Haircut Visuals - NES with Double Dragon
Infrared Camera
Always nice to give this to the DJ
to play with for a little while.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Infrared Camera
DVD player
Just a simple 40 euro DVD-player.
We mostly use this as a backup and
for playing prepared content.
Devils Haircut Visuals - DVD player
A big bunch of cables.
Powercables, svideo, composite.
You simply can't live without them.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Powerstrip
Wireless Cameras
These are very good for interaction with
the audience.
Devils Haircut Visuals - Wireless Cameras
We use a N95 to make stop-motions and
timelapses. There are also some other
apps to use it as a webcam during a show.
Mac: Movino and Win: Trendcam. There is also a divx-player for the N95.
Devils Haircut Visuals - N95
And some more...

Devils Haircut Visuals DaanDirk Didier Jansen Volle Band